Tom Franco


Drawings and Paintings

The Four Shoe Face Brothers

Published through JNFA Projects, "The Four Shoe Face Brothers" is a whimsical, surreal story of four shoe-faced brothers seeking to learn the ways of their natural world. Along the way there is the quest for inner-peace, survival in the jungle, and a high-stakes basketball game. Written and illustrated by Tom Franco, each copy of this book is hand-bound, features a hand-painted cover, and is signed by the artist.

Two sizes available: 12x17 in. ($1,100); 8x11 in. ($600). Contact JNFA for ordering info.  

Tom Franco's work represents images of his native Bay Area California, our shared global culture, as well as scenes of his inner life in the subtler realms of reality.

“I believe in inventing techniques of manifesting ideas as art. Mostly this type of art is self taught and often very unique to the individual. And the third element in my style of work is that of collaboration.  I love to work with other artists on the same piece.  By doing this, my process always stays on the cutting-edge of fun, unpredictable, explorative, and fast.  It keeps me open to the stories, images, and energies that I could never create on my own. My narrative work comes into play after developing my characters through sculptures and paintings and then bringing them further to life through story, drawings, and song.”

Tom is currently the director of the Firehouse Art Collective in Berkeley, California, a space for artists of all disciplines to co-create community and culture and for collectors to buy cutting-edge art of lasting value. Currently, there are seven California Bay Area locations, which include various combinations of art studios, group living spaces, event spaces, and micro storefronts for retail.  

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