The Female Nude: Observation & Construction, installation, September, 2013. 

The Female Nude: Observation & Construction, installation, September, 2013. 

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Touring | Federico Aubele

When Worlds Collide | Tom Franco, Vivian van Blerk

Pursuing the Ephemeral, Painting the Enduring: Alzheimer's and the Artwork of William Utermohlen

Fotofever 2015 | Jean-Christophe Ballot, Douglas Stapleton, Vivian van Blerk

In the Studio | Christopher Rauschenberg

A Three-Week Engagement | Vadim GushchinDouglas Stapleton, William Utermohlen

2015 Beirut Art Fair

Under the Sea | Tony Fitzpatrick, Michael Goro, Jon Langford

Sculpturescapes | Michael Goro

Naked | Victoria Loeb

Valentine’s Collage Workshop with Douglas Stapleton

Like This  |  Cindy Bernhard, Douglas Stapleton

2014 Beirut Art Fair

Chosen | René Romero Schuler

Warrior Dreams |  Patti Bartelstein, Cathy Bruni Norris

Pride & Glory | FRESH

Noche Argentina

In Tension  | Michael Goro, Victoria Loeb

The Negro Clocks | Closing Reception | Concert

The Negro Clocks | John John

JNFA Holiday Sell-ebration and Book Signing

The City in Color | Michael Goro

2013 Beirut Art Fair

Grandi Dipinti | Herbert Murrie

Nudes | Kenneth Josephson, Marilyn Zimmerwoman

Urban Renuil | FRESH

JNFA Abroad: Paxos, Greece

JNFA Abroad: Chicago in Paris

In Metamorphosis | Douglas Stapleton, Vivian van Blerk

Vivian Van Blerk Portrait Workshop

Snakes in the Gallery |  Brave New Art World

Vivian van Blerk Artist Talk

Drawings | Michael Reid Rubenstein

Piccoli Dipinti | Herbert Murrie

Body& Soul: The Body | Part I

Paintings | Jeanette Pasin Sloan

Shadows: Painting & Sculpture | Rene Romero Schuler

Cultural Treasures | Vadim Gushchin

Art & Air: Conversations from the 89th Floor

Life’s A Beach | John John, Stephen McClymont, Rob White

FACE | JH Engstrom, Andreas E.G. Larsson

Images in Black & White | Cindy Bernhard, Michael Goro, Cindy Bernhard

Bronze and Terracotta | Ettore Greco

In Parallel | Cindy Bernhard, Jourdon Gullet

Ellsworth Snyder Concert Series

Of Flame | Etienne Gros 

Metamorphoses | Vivian van Blerk

Paintings | René Romero Schuler

Still Life from France | David Loeb, Christopher Rauschenburg

Holding Power | Jeremy Tubbs

The Candlelight Cabaret with Lu Lu Temptrice and Dana Brown

Sex Sells | John John

Art of the Biedermeier Chair

Art from Romania

I:3 Emerging New Media Artists Series, Part 1: Interactivity

Heliograms | Vivian van Blerk

Goro Unframed | Michael Goro

New Works from Tuscany | Herbert Murrie

Sculpture | Peter Ambrose, Jean-Christophe Ballot, Ettore Greco, Vivian van Blerk

The Two Empresses of France: Josephine and Eugenie Bonaparte

The Nude | Etienne Gros, Obaji Nyambi, William Utermohlen

Out of Chicago | Dayton Castleman, Jeremy Tubbs

The Deserted Room is Over-Inhabited, Yet Silent

Indiana Dunes | Frank Dudley, Stephen McClymont