Jean-Christophe Ballot



L'eau Grande


A prominent French architectural photographer, Jean-Christophe Ballot’s body of work concerns itself with space: be it cities with urban and architectural landscapes, industrial harbors and industrial zones, gardens and natural landscapes, spiritual places, or confined spaces. His photographs call upon the viewer’s memory, asking questions about places, their history, their transformation. The essential is always an exercise on emptiness, which is central to all of his photographic work and thoughts. “I am searching for the suspension of time, and to propose contemplative, thoughtful photography.”

Ballot is an architect (D.P.L.G.) and holds graduate degrees from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and the National School of Image and Sound : FEMIS. In his work, he has traveled and photographed in Chicago, New York, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Bratislava, Singapore, Casablanca, Surabaya, Mount Athos, southern India, the Sahel, and Cappadocia, among other locales. For nearly three decades Ballot has been a part of dozens of solo and collective exhibitions and public collections across the globe including Galerie Beckel Odille Boïcos, Paris, France; Paris City Hall, Paris, France; Institut Français de Casablanca, Maroc; Alliance Française, Singapore; and Galerria del Leone, Venice, Italy.