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Pride & Glory: A Civil War Reenactment

An up-and-coming street artist, FRESH’s work can be seen adorning buildings in many of Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods. Given the nature of his work, the artist prefers a level of anonymity, however, he did reveal the following about his work:

“Juxtaposition is a theme that reoccurs throughout my work – whether it is from stylism to realism, spiritual to commercial, organic to brand named, or synthetic to brazen. Brought together, it is my intent to harmoniously weave these contrasts to cater to that of the idea. At present, my work has become a concentration on overlooked and downtrodden space and the revitalization of that space through the beauty of stencil street art. In such, my artistic temperament towards process follows in suit of artists like Blek le Rat, Dolk, and Banksy. While transforming the outer public space, I have also gained a special interest in being a part of people’s inner-space (i.e. domiciles, offices, and community centers).”

On Exhibit: Urban Renuil | Sheridan Road Magazine